the Jogging Planner 
Featured on: Google Maps Mania  •  Geomatikk (in Norwegian)  • (in Polish)  •  Una finestra sul web (in Italian)
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The idea for this service originated on a post from uparrow on the "Somebody Make This" Reddit.
It was then developped by Medusis with input from the Reddit community (and others).
Much insight was gained from (the best Google Maps tutorial... if not the prettiest!) and
This app lets you find a route from a starting point that gets you right back where you started!
  • Find a starting point: search for a location by name and/or move the map, then click on the map to set a starting point
  • A proposed route is then automatically generated; find other routes by clicking on "Get me another route!"
  • You can change the total distance by using the slider below the map
  • Share, send: copy the url and send it to your friends; bookmark it to save it
  • New! now includes elevation (click the graph to change the direction of the route)
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